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Can I buy a turbo timer direct from you?

In Australia and New Zealand we supply our turbo timers, glow plug timers and DC converters exclusively through our dealer network. To find dealers near you in these countries use our Dealer Locator.

Customers in other countries can enquire about purchasing these products.

I do not have the instructions for my turbo timer. Where can I obtain them?

The instructions are available for both viewing and downloading on the Installation page.

Which turbo timer will suit my vehicle?

You can use the Turbo Timer Selection tool to determine which model turbo timer will suit most vehicles. If your vehicle is not included, you can enquire. We need to know the vehicle make, model and year of manufacture to provide you with this information.

What do I use to clean the dashboard before installing the turbo timer control module?

Before installing a turbo timer control module the dashboard or other mounting location should be thoroughly cleaned with a silicone release agent. These can be obtained from most local hardware shops. Cleaning is necessary to remove dirt and residue from polishing products which may prevent effective adhesion of the control module or speedo.

My turbo timer has plugs fitted to it. Where do these connect in my vehicle?

Plug in style turbo timers plug into the existing connectors which link the ignition switch to the vehicle wiring. These can be located on the back of the ignition switch, in line near the ignition switch, on a connector mounting bracket, or on the back of the fuse panel.

All of the turbo timers listed on this site are 925 series. I have a turbo timer which is a 624 series/724 series/725 series? Are these still current?

The 925 series is the only current range of turbo timers. All of the other series turbo timers have now been superseded and are no longer sold by us.

The 624 series was our first, followed by the 724 series, the 725 series and then the 925 series. Each series featured developments and improvements from the previous series, such as microprocessor control, lockable idle periods, sealed control modules and the parking brake interface.

However, all series operate in the same way and will still suit the vehicles for which they were intended. If you have any doubt about whether an older series turbo timer will suit your vehicle contact us.

My turbo timer does not work. Why is this?

There are several possible reasons that the turbo timer does not work immediately after it is installed. The following are some of the most common:

The black earth wire needs to be earthed correctly and the green wire (park brake interface) needs to be either connected to the parking brake or earthed. The timer will not operate if either of these are not done. Earthing should be checked to ensure that an adequate connection has been made. We recommend earthing by fixing through the ring pre-fitted to the black earth wire onto the vehicle steering column.

The timer will also not operate unless the engine has been running for a minimum of 30 seconds. This a deliberate safety feature to ensure that the timer does not operate where the engine is inadvertently started.

If, after following the installation instructions included with the timer and checking the Troubleshooting page you still have an issue, please contact us for assistance.

Why does my remote central locking not work?

With most modern vehicles the remote central locking is disabled whenever the engine is running. This only applies to the remote itself on the ignition key or keyring. This is to prevent unwanted flashing of blinkers or sounding of the horn while driving.

Where a turbo timer is fitted to provide an engine idle period, the remote locking may be disabled until the end of the idle period. The vehicle may still be locked using the ignition key at the drivers door, employing the central locking.

However, where the law requires, the driver should remain seated in the vehicle until completion of the engine idle period. 

Can I get a replacement turbo timer control unit?

Yes, control units are available as a separate part from your dealer. However, you must identify the series of the timer (624, 724, 725, 925 series) and the timer model. These are normally printed on the white label on the top of the main timer module. Control units will only work with the correct module from the same series and model.

My turbo timer only operates for a fixed time and I cannot change this. Is it faulty?

Our turbo timers are able to be locked to a single idle time. It is possible that you may have accidentally done this. The instructions for locking and unlocking the idle times are here.

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