Which turbo timer will suit my vehicle?

Use this tool to determine which of our turbo timers will suit your passenger, 4WD or light commercial vehicle.

If your vehicle is a truck, excavator or other heavy commercial vehicle or machine, use the guide on our Commercial Vehicles page.

To use the tool, enter the make and model of the vehicle. For some vehicles, additional information, such as the model number and year of manufacture are also required.

If you have any doubt about which turbo timer model should be used, or your vehicle is not listed then contact us.

The turbo timer to suit your vehicle is Turbo Timer 925/ST-5

This is a wired-in type timer.

Vehicle notes for this model are: Timer + 40A relay.

These products are available through our dealer network in Australia and New Zealand. Use our Dealer Locator to find dealers near you.

You can also buy from our Web Store.

Trade prices are available for automotive businesses. Contact us for details

Our range of plug in turbo timers are designed to allow their simple and quick installation into a range of passenger, 4 wheel drive and light commercial vehicles.

Each model is manufactured to suit the ignition and accessory circuits of the specific vehicle for which they are designed, and are supplied with connectors which match those on the ignition wiring harness of the vehicle. It is therefore important to ensure that the correct model turbo timer is used.

The Turbo Timer Selection tool on this page can assist in determining which model turbo timer will fit particular vehicles. It will show whether a plug in model is available and the correct model to be used.

You can also download our Passenger, Off Road and Light Commercial Vehicle Ordering Guide which lists all vehicles for which timers are available.

Some recent model vehicles, such as the Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series, incorporate push button vehicle start and stop activated by a remote ‘smart’ card. The turbo timers for these vehicles, where available, require additional wiring.

Plug-in turbo timer to suit a Nissan Patrol GU - Y61


Click to download our Passenger, Off Road & Light
Commercial Vehicle Ordering Guide